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The reflexology massage focuses on reflex points on one’s feet and hands for healing. It is an ancient form of healing practiced in ancient China and ancient Egypt as well. Nowadays reflexology has become a popular method for relieving stress and pain. These therapies are so much more than just a regular foot massage, as they focus on specific reflex points on a foot to induce a healing response in corresponding organs.


The philosophy behind reflexology teaches that your body is divided into ten vertical zones, running from your head down to the reflex areas in your hands and feet, and from the front to the back of your body, so here is how it actually works. All body parts in each zone are said to be linked by energy pathways which allow our vital energy to flow freely, meaning that we are in good health.  If this energy becomes stagnant, or blocked completely at a particular part of the body, due to injury, illness, stress, etc, this often manifests itself as crystalline deposits in the feet.

A reflexologists treat aims to break down these crystals, and stimulate our energy, allowing it to flow freely again, relieving the area of pain. Firm therapy will also increase the blood and lymph circulation to that reflex area, and the corresponding area of the body promoting good health and a sense of balance in mind and body.

Reflexology therapies have been proven to be beneficial as it cleanse the body of toxins. A single session of the reflexology boosts the immune system, increases circulation of blood, heals stressed organs and balances energy within your body.


Generally, a session lasts from 40-50 minutes, depending on the severity of your problem. In the beginning, our therapist stimulates all the organs in your body to create appropriate response from the organs. The rest of the session focuses on healing the tension and tenderness of the muscles. For flexible movements on the feet, various traditional oils are used.



During the reflexology therapy, some of the most common reflex points that are focused upon within the foot are:

  1. Tips of the toes that are connected to the head.

  2. Reflex points on the ball of the foot that are connected to the chest and the heart.

  3. Reflex points on the heel of the foot that are related to intestines and lower back.

  4. Reflex points on the arch of the foot are connected to the pancreas, kidney and liver.


Massaging these reflex points in one’s foot results in energy being passed from the reflex points to their corresponding organs and eventually, healing of all respective organs.


Reflexologists are certified experts in the meridians related to each reflex point. Thus they can tell more about your body than you can. Some of the techniques used by the therapists are kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot, pulling on the toes and tracing around on the heels to relax the sore muscles. Some of the micro movements applied on the affected points also include thumb or finger walking to create a response throughout the entire body.


In the beginning of a reflexology session, our therapists may take some time to discuss your medical history and any recurring ailments. This is for the better understanding of the client’s overall heath to decide what organs need to be healed the most.


During a reflexology session you will remain clothed except for the shoes and socks. You may be directed by the therapist to lie on a massage table while they work their magic on your feet. At During the session, therapists apply traditional massage techniques to your calf and upper leg. They might decide to focus on your palms or ears depending on your need. This form of therapy can be therapeutic especially for those suffering from ankle injuries, common forms of arthritis and can also lessen the amount of stress and anxiety in the entire body. 


The reflexology & foot therapy can cure a number of ailments. These therapy sessions have proved to cure people from stress-related diseases, digestive disorders and headaches. Reflexology patients suffering from arthritis have experienced relief regarding muscle tension. This method has cured many people of insomnia. Athletes have been relieved of foot injuries. Many clients have reported that their back pain and other kinds of muscle tension vanished.

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